About Dip-A-Chip

Dip-A-Chip was established in 1972 by Kingsway Chocolate Company. They believed food should be fair.

Kingsway Chocolate noticed a gap in the Canadian market for chip dips and set out on a mission to solve it. Starting with their classic French Onion flavour, and later coming out with Deli Dill and Jalapeno.

In the 70’s and 80’s there were few flavoured chips, meaning snackers relied on dips to enhance their experience. Now, even with the endless possibilities of flavoured chips, snackers can add more complexity.

Dip-A-Chip is for more than just chips and can be used for more than just dipping. Dip, Drizzle and spread Dip-A-Chip to enhance your snacking and meal experiences!

Kingsway Chocolate was purchased and became Kingsway Foods Limited. The change came with rebranding, while keeping the product true to the taste Canadians love. In 2023, Kingsway Foods Limited was bought by Freshstone Brands Inc. Through all these changes, Dip-A-Chip has continued to stay true to its delicious trio of flavours.


Dip-A-Chip is dedicated to creating delectable dips for all occasions, enhancing the experience of getting together. With a line of dips so good, you may find it hard to share. From game night to backyard barbeques Dip-A-Chip will elevate every moment, 

One dip at a time.

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